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Health and safety

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The safety of our employees is an essential concern at ZENER

ZENER has an Occupational Risk Prevention department, fitted with advanced resources to ensure health and safety.


The department encompasses more than 20 higher technicians distributed nationwide whose mission is to certify the execution of the Occupational Risk Prevention Plans that safeguard safe working conditions for our employees. The Prevention Plans are oriented towards controlling the technical and organizational process to avoid the risk of having accidents or diseases that may occur during the performance of their work.

ZENER’s commitment to the safety of its employees has been rewarded repeatedly, not only by our customers, but also by entities dedicated to occupational risk prevention and health. ZENER has currently the certification by AENOR stating that our Occupational Health and Safety management system complies with the OHSAS 18001:2007 specifications.


Occupational Risk Prevention has always been essential for ZENER, and the company has fixed as a priority target to have “zero” accidents.

The Target Programme “ZERO” ACCIDENTS has been developed with a methodology based on six levels:

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Level 6


Thanks to the exhaustive compliance with the rules, ZENER has been awarded several times with the “Health & Security Management Award” by ASEPEYO and Huawei.

Level 5


The Health and Safety plans for the performance of the activities and services of the ZENER Group, are continuously updated and registered.

Level 4


All works performed by ZENER employees are always supervised by ZENER staff, in order to ensure the fulfilment of the safety and health rules.

Level 3


The company organises continuous courses in order to ensure that the employees have the necessary knowledge and the respective certifications, that they are updated, and issued by official Telecommunication Training Centres.

Level 2


The risk in the existing working zones are assessed in order to provide all workers with the necessary information on health and safety before they start carrying out their tasks.

Level 1


With the company’s own tool, ZENER makes a comprehensive management of all necessary activities to comply with the applicable regulations in terms of prevention.

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