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Security and alarms

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More than 500,000 installations in private homes and companies

Our Security area develops professional security systems that cover the high protection demands of our customers.

We provide engineering solutions, installation and maintenance services for security systems. In addition, we install alarm and home automation devices, both in private homes and companies. The main Alarm Reception Centres of the country have given us professional recognition.

We carry out CCTV works (analogical and IP), alarm systems, intelligent detection (inside and perimeter), access control and presence management.

ZENER offers a large and proven experience homologated by DGP 4051.

We do also offer a comprehensive fire-protection service, both passive and active, putting our vast and proven experience at the disposal of professionals, individuals and companies. We offer turnkey projects that comply with RSCIE and CTE.

"END to End"
Security projects

Covering all the needs by highly qualified technicians.



Engineering, installation, maintenance and marketing of:

  • Comprehensive security solutions
    • Radio-connected alarms
    • Access control
    • Volumetric systems
    • CCTV and surveillance
    • Home automation devices
  • Fire protection systems


Large activity in the Security sector since 2014



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