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ZENER is a company with a differentiating DNA, and we are very proud of it

We are characterised by a set of values and a visible commitment of our whole team,
that make us unique in our sector.


President: Mr. Emilio Encinas

  • Managing Director: Mr. Enrique de Frutos
  • Business Development Management: Mr. Enrique Jalle
  • European Operations Management: Mr. Javier Díaz Ovín
  • German General Management: Mr. Álvaro Ariznavarreta
  • Systems Management (CIO): Mr. Jesús Pérez
  • Purchasing Management: Mr. Jorge Bernabé
  • Billing ManagementMr. Roberto Juárez  
  • Strategy and Investment Management: Ms. Nuria Encinas
  • Latam Operations ManagementMr. Vicente López
  • I+M Operations Management: Mr. Mariano López
  • Dutch General Management: Mr. Jan Derk Franken
  • Project Management (PMO): Mr. Eduardo González
  • HR  and Legal Management: Mr. César García
  • Accounting Management: Ms. Sara de Frutos

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