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CAIS Policy

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The ZENER Group's main objective is to achieve a leadership and reference position in the market in each of the areas in which the activities carried out by the different companies in the group are carried out, within the scope of:

  • Installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems
  • Installation and maintenance of security systems
  • Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants

Our differentiating elements are the quality of the services provided, as well as their continuous innovation, compliance with legal requirements and other requirements subscribed by the organization in environmental matters, and the protection of the health and safety of workers, training and motivating staff.

Knowing that our position in the sector is determined by the satisfaction of current and future customer needs, the protection of the environment, and the safety and health of the people who are part of it, the companies of the ZENER Group are committed to maintain, in its management and in the development of its processes and services, some principles of conduct based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 Standards, which must be complied with by all members of the organization.

To the client: the present and future needs of the client are detected, satisfied and an attempt is made to overcome them, always maintaining the principles of loyalty and honesty in relationships. The agreed quality, quantity, term and price are always supplied to you, respecting environmental and safety, occupational health and information security standards.

To the Staff: ideas, knowledge, innovation, effort, initiative, solidarity, honesty, loyalty, as well as participation in identification activities, involvement in achieving objectives and solving problems are favored the system, processes, safety, occupational health, the environment and information security. For this, the organization commits to adapt the technical competencies of the personnel to the detected needs, to establish at all times the best communication system, the channels of participation and consultation, through the Committees.

Safety and Health at Work: ZENER Group has always considered OSH as a primary factor in its activity and this is assumed by the top management of the organization in order to promote safe and healthy working conditions throughout the capital human that makes it up and with the premise of continuous improvement of preventive action. That is why the PREVENTION POLICY that is established is based on the following principles: compliance with the legal requirements on OSH, the elimination of risks and their reduction through the careful study of all accidents and incidents occurred for a subsequent implementation of appropriate corrective actions for each case, promoting consultation and participation of workers, thus achieving continuous improvement of the management system and coordination between the different parties involved in such a way that the principles stated in This policy becomes a common commitment of the organization as well as, communicating to stakeholders the activities in the field of occupational risk prevention and accident prevention in addition to our environmental situation and the measures that are developed in this area.

To society: Senior Management will make available to the organization all the means at its disposal so that, in the performance of its activities, a quality corporate image, respect for the environment, and protection of workers is projected abroad and from the information of all the parties, that the organization identifies.

Planning: the organization establishes and updates procedures to identify the aspects and risks that affect the processes, activities, and service provided, that have or may have significant impacts on economic management, quality, the environment, and safety, occupational health and information security.

Leadership: leadership is established as a unit of action, not necessarily as a chain translation from the bottom-up direction, where all business units aspire to be leaders in their markets, maintaining stability and adaptability around our sector. economic. Decisions are based on logical and intuitive analysis of data and information, as well as through continuous improvement.

Normative and regulatory: the organization assumes the commitment to comply with the legislation, regulations, applicable standards and acquired voluntary commitments, improving as far as possible the minimum requirements established therein. Once it has identified the environmental risks and aspects that may affect processes, people's occupational health and safety, economic stability, the environment and information security, it also undertakes the commitment to cancel or minimize them as far as technically and / or economically feasible. 

To Information Security: The organization establishes as fundamental objectives: Understand and treat the operational and strategic risks in information security so that they remain at levels acceptable to the organization, protecting the confidentiality of information related to clients, the guarantee of integrity and authenticity of the information, preventing the modification of the data, and that the public access Web services and the internal networks comply with the required availability specifications. Regarding the principles of Information Security, ZENER will have financing for the operational management of controls related to information security and in the management processes for their implementation and maintenance. The personnel will be informed and responsible for the security of the information, according to the degree of relevance for the performance of their functions. In addition, the organization will take into account those possibilities of fraud related to the abusive use of information systems within the overall management of information systems, these risks will be monitored and any necessary measures will be adopted, therefore not tolerating any situation that may expose the organization to violation of laws and legal norms.

To the process: the processes are defined, identified and interrelated with methods and criteria to ensure that all aspects related to quality, occupational health and safety, the environment and information security have been taken into account and respected, and that ensure effective operation and control.

External relations: relations between the organization and suppliers, shareholders, public administrations and the community are strengthened. For this, the Senior Management offers the collaboration and information required at all times, publishes the policy and objectives of the management system. Competitors' rights are respected and dialogue and personal relationships are fostered. All our collaborators are motivated in terms of Quality.

Communication: promoting communication among our workers as an instrument and way out of all human creative potential.

Continuous improvement: continuous improvement is a permanent objective of the organization. The information generated, its measurement, monitoring and analysis allows implementing the necessary actions for the continuous improvement of the management system.

Policy review: During the planning process, the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, economic and information security policy is reviewed, taking into account the interested parties, the results of the audits, the achievement of the objectives, and the present and future needs of the organization.

Dissemination of the management system: specifically, the content of the Policy, Programs and Objectives of Quality, Environment, Prevention of Occupational Risks and Information Security, promoting actions of participation, awareness, information and theoretical and practical training, integrating to our suppliers and customers in the commitment. In addition, this policy will be exposed in visible places, available to the public or other interested parties that request it.

This Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

For this reason, the ZENER Group recognizes its commitment to maintain an Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and ISO 27001: 2014, striving to continuously improve the efficiency of the same.

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