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ZENER, a benchmark in the Telecommunications sector since 1985



Zener was founded in 1985, and shortly afterwards, despite its young age, expanded the activities making use of the opportunity provided by the fast technological progress.

The company starts to work in the deployment of TV links, repeaters, and radio stations with satellite reception.



With the progress of fibre optic networks, ZENER became a pioneer in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of HFC (hybrid fibre coaxial) cable networks and began to create alliances with the main regional cable companies such as Retecal, Telecable, Madritel, Tenaria, Ono or Canarias Telecom.

Faced with new growth perspectives, we diversified our activities, specialising in the deployment of mobile telephone networks, making use of the 2G, 3G, and 4G technology.



The emergence of FTTH technology (Fibre To The Home) provided ZENER with a great opportunity to grow, strengthening the collaboration with telecommunications operators (Vodafone, Orange, Telefónica, MásMóvil, Grupo Euskaltel ...) at a national level.

The company decides to pave the way in new sectors such as energy, civil works and security.



The ambitious goal to internationalize the company takes us to start performing projects in Portugal, France, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mozambique, Algeria or Thailand.

This jump to the international stage made it easier for our Renewable Energies Division to grow. We have implemented more than 460 MW in Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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After the opening of our branches in Chile and Germany in 2018, our eagerness to improve and our relentless spirit have turned us into a multinational company, performing projects in more than 12 different international locations.

In 2020, the international expansion continues with the opening of Delegations in the Netherlands and Portugal.

In 2022, a new push forward is given to the international development with the opening of the Italian office, further consolidating ZENER's presence in Europe.

Also in Spain, in 2022, ZENER acquired TELECO (Telecomunicación de Levante), a company that provides infrastructure, network, installation and maintenance and end-customer services for Telefónica in Spain in the Levante and Balearic Islands region.

In 2023 we started operations in Peru, expanding our scope in Latam.

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