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Residential and communities

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ZENER manages communication services for more than 300 resident communities

The services offered by ZENER to modernise the buildings of our customers include the installation of home automation systems providing communication services, energy management, security, home automation and efficiency.

"END to End"
Residential and community projects

Covering all the needs by highly qualified technicians.

  • Digital and satellite television.
  • Second digital dividend and 5G launch.
    • Information about the adjustments to be made for resident communities
    • Installation of new amplifiers, grey list filters and necessary elements for a correct view on TV sets and avoid interferences by the 5G frequency of mobile telephones.
    • Programming of programmable central units.
    • Processing of grants approved by the government for this plan.
  • Energy system management.
  • Communication and door station systems.
  • Security and alarm systems.
  • Home automation and efficiency.

FenitelZENER is included in the registry of the Ministry of Industry as telecommunications installation company. We are also members of FENITEL (National Federation of Telecommunication Installers and Telecommunications) and AVIATEL (Association of Antenna and Telecommunications Installers from Valladolid).

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