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ICT Developments

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Innovation and the constant search for new solutions is part of the company’s DNA

ZENER supports companies in the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to the extent that no current enterprise is conceived without the implementation of innovative technologies.


IT Infrastructures

IT infrastructures are the base which supports ICT services and the essential support of the digital transformation.

They include both physical elements (communication hardware, servers, storage cabins, firewalls, balancers, cabling), as well as basic services (virtualisation, storage, backup, DNS, DHCP, e-mail, data bases, NTP, AAA/RADIUS, SDN, etc.)

The solutions offered by ZENER include:

  • Core networks: MPLS/VPLS, complex routing solutions, QoS, Multicast, IP streaming, software defined SD-WAN networks.
  • Access networks: Metro Ethernet, cable free, DWDM optics, software defined networks (SDN).
  • Corporate network management: Infrastructure life-cycle management, localisation solutions, network access control, application visibility and control, and traffic.
  • Automation and control: Deployment automation and corporate policies.

App and Software developments

ZENER develops a large range of solutions and services for the development of applications.

We work with multiple technologies, both frontend and backend, using innovative software development methodologies, such as DevOps, Scrum or Agile.

Some of ZENER’s development projects include:

  • App developments (including mobile apps).
  • Service provision.
  • Process automation and RPA.
  • Audits.
  • Data and data analytics, BigData platforms (Hadoop, Spark, Cloudera, …), data visualization and dashboards.

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