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ZENER Inaugurates a New Branch Office in Germany, Continuing with the International Expansion


ZENER inaugurates a new branch office in Germany (Frankfurt-Rödermark, Hesse), as a complement to the current offices in Kriftel (Frankfurt), Dorsten and Augsburg.

The company Zener Telekom GmbH, member of the Zener Group, has been developing projects for the deployment of the FTTH optical fibre network in Germany for many years and, since 2019, the company is performing projects in the mobile network plants of one of the main mobile operators in the country.

This new branch office will concentrate the activity of the mobile network and radio projects in the western part of the country.

Zener Group is a leading company in the Telecommunications sector, developing comprehensive turnkey projects for the main global operators, and also providing services in other areas, such as Energy, Civil Works, Security or Industrial Maintenance.

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