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Working at COVID-19: Telecommunications technician at the ZENER company, solves telephone and Internet problems, key tools for teleworking and communicating remotely


Luis Ángel Melero: «I don't want the older ones to be deprived of calling grandchildren due to a breakdown»

Since the state of alarm was decreed, millions of people have been confined to their homes. With all that this entails. Now more light and water are consumed. And there is also a greater use of telecommunications, both for telecommuting and for staying entertained. This extraordinary use often leads to an increase in breakdowns, which in turn has led to a greater demand for repair services.

Luis Ángel Melero is a maintenance technician at ZENER. Theirs is one of the works considered "essential". Your task is to resolve Vodafone customer breakdowns. His activity has not stopped, moreover, he has redoubled efforts not to leave anyone incommunicado in this difficult situation. At 39, he has been at home for 15 years, fixing faults. When you ring a bell, you never know what will be found behind the door. In this month and a half, things have changed. Now every time he arrives at a home he always meets the same circumstance: uneasy customers for fear of possible contagion.

Laura Negro / El Norte de Castilla


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